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Portable Microphone Wireless Karaoke Singing Machine with Built-in Bluetooth Speaker with SD card loaded with Songs by ZaxSound

Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand for PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, xBox and YouTube Recording by ZaxSound

ZaxSound Clear Digital Sound and Classic Design High Quality Microphone for PC and Laptop 3.5mm Audio jack Interface with 3-Legs Stand Black Color SF-922

ZaxSound High Quality Digital Sound PC and Laptop Microphone with Adjustable Volume and 3-Legs Stand SF-920

ZaxSound Professional Condenser Digital Sound Microphone With 3-Legs Stand for PC and Laptop Recording firm grip rubber coating White Color SF-666

ZaxSound Professional Microphone Digital Recording with Adjustable Volume and 3-Legs Stand SF-930